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The newest entries are on the writing blog tab. Go right there for the latest posts. 

                                        Having said that...welcome 

Thanks for stopping by. I will be adding some more photos, articles, and links to related subjects that I feature in my articles. For now, you have access to all the articles that I’ve published online. Just click the links tab to see a list.

Please check out the writing  blog for updates on what I am working on at the moment.

If you visit the Forum, you can leave any link you’d like. I’ll be adding links that I find especially helpful to writers. If you’ve written anything, please leave a link so everyone can enjoy what you’ve written. I understand the effort that goes into creating these so please feel free to share them.

If you want to ask any questions or get in touch with me there’s a space on the contact page so just hop on. Noodle around the site and have fun; don’t be bashful about making suggestions.

As a final thought, I leave you with what David Bowie says at the tail end of All The Young Dudes, as we used to say, on the very last grooves of the record, “I’ve wanted to do this for years.”  

Existential Reasons

Having a website has many advantages, among them, access to a cyber file cabinet where all your writing can be neatly and efficiently stored. Eventually I'd like to think this would be an uber organized area, nicely appointed, with a specific place for everything, all easily found. For the moment, this website will have to be like one of those nice cabinets with fine, wood-grain doors, behind which are shoved objects of different sizes and shapes: it's in there somewhere; when I get time I'll get it organized. Someday, just not today. Initially, it will resemble Fibber McGee's hall closet.

For the moment, this website will provide easy access to what I've written to date that I believe is worth sharing. Worth here has the meaning" having some value to the reader."

My blog page has notes on my novel, The Fastnacht League, a fictional story set in an Amish community between Reading and Kutztown in Pennsylvania. Please visit the book website and enjoy the book video at www.amishandbaseball.com.

Since I started this website I have been working on several other book projects. My blog chronicles them.  


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